Menu Bodensee

Tatar made from trout marinated in Riesling
14,00 €

served with a small "rösti" potato fritter, mixed salad and sour cream with chives

Red onion pasta squares in beef broth
8,00 €

with sliced vegetables

Pike perch fillet
26,00 €

with white asparagus, lentils and mashed potatos with beurre noisette

Veal tenderloin with a pistachio-nut-crust
26,00 €

with celery puree, Sepia-Schupfnudeln (thick dumpling noodles) and apricot gravy

Wild honey parfait
7,50 €

with rhubarb compote

Menu Mediterran

Roasted king prawns
14,00 €

on artichoke terrine, oilive tapenade and salad

Tomato Ravioli
16,00 €

with a basil pesto

Sole fillet
26,00 €

in salted butter with creamed spinach and potato fritters

Lamb fillet
26,00 €

on a bed of green bean ratatouille with potato tart and seven herbs oils

Panna Cotta
7,50 €

with fruit topping

Always a good choice

Fresh leaf salad from Reichenau Island
6,00 €

with roasted nuts, oil vinegar or french dressing

Swiss sausage salad
10,50 €

with cheese

Cheese spaetzle
10,50 €

with homemade roasted onions

Beef consommé
8,00 €

with sliced pancakes

Fresh Chantarelle

Sautéed chantarelles
13,50 €

with lettuce served with croutons and balsamic vinegar

Tarte flambée
11,50 €

with chantarelles, leek and ham

Chantarelle mushrooms
17,50 €

with fettuccine

Bread dumplings
17,50 €

with creamed chantarelle mushrooms

Steak of veal
24,00 €

with chantarelles along with ravioli and carrots