8,00 €

with crème fraîche

9,00 €

with Chrorizo-Churro and Whisky

Mixed salad with roasted nuts
6,00 €

please choose between vinegar-oil or French dressing

Wild herb leaf salad
15,00 €

with prawns in potato crust and avocado

Goats camembert with honey gratiné
15,00 €

with beet root and grapefruit

Main dishes

Prime boiled calf
24,00 €

with crayfish, apple pearls, horse radish sauce, green asparagus and potatoes

Sous vide cooked lamb shank
25,00 €

on spicy Polenta-cream, beans and tomatoes

Fillet of pork
21,00 €

with Gorgonzola and ragout of grapes and chervil fettuccine

Loup de Mer
24,50 €

on Chorizo-cucumber with dried tomatoes and saffron risotto

Fillet of char
23,50 €

on leek fettuccine in crustaceans sauce

20,50 €

Always a good choice

Sausage salad
8,70 €
Swiss sausage salad
9,70 €

with cheese

Cheese spaetzle
9,80 €

with homemade roasted onions

Tarte flambée
9,50 €

with ham & leek

Salami Milano with hijack apples
4,00 €
Mini quiche with feta cheese and pumpkin
6,00 €
Tête de Moine cheese with fig mustard
6,20 €
Or all on one plate
14,90 €

Salami, mini quiche, Tête de moine cheese