Starters & Soups

Potato Soup
8,00 €

with salmon

Beef Consommé
7,00 €

with sliced pancakes

Fresh leaf salad from the island Reichenau
7,00 €

with roasted nuts
Oil and vinegar or French dressing

Ceviche from pike-perch
15,00 €

with red onions, chili and lemon

Carpaccio of beef
16,00 €

with walnut-fig-dressing

Vital Salad
11,00 €

various raw-vegetable salads
with leaf lettuce, apple, papaya and raspberry-dressing

Main Course

Mussels in white wine broth
17,00 €

with baguette

Whole gilthead
25,00 €

with rosemary potatoes

Fillet of trout meunière
23,00 €

with spinach and potatoes

Sea Bass
26,00 €

on egg plant-sesame-mash and fettuccine

Fried beef and onions in gravy
25,00 €

with vegetables and homemade “Spätzle”

Fillet of pork
24,00 €

with roasted cauliflower and Parmesan-cheese-risotto

per person
43,00 €

Whole fillet of beef fried in one piece with Sauce Bernaise, vegatables and potato gratin

Cheese spaetzle
11,00 €

with homemade roasted onions

Ravioli with soft goat cheese
15,00 €

and tomato sauce

menu.pdf (44.09KB)
menu.pdf (44.09KB)